Why gyroplane

Many people are thinking about buying an gyroplane / helicopter / aircraft. We try to answer the question why the gyroplane will be the best choice for the pilot.

Pricefrom 89.000 €from 160.000 €from 99.000 €
Training (H)25 H50 H45 H
Training (Price)4.500 €15.000 €9.000 €
Service (100H)1.400 €2.500 €1.400 €
Insurance500 €1.500 €1000 €
Fuel consumption18 L/H25 L/H13 L/H
Taking off80 m5 m250 m
Landing5 m5 m150 m
Minimum speed0 KM/H0 KM/H70 KM/H
Cruise speed160 KM/H160 KM/H200 KM/H
Hangar space (L x W x H)9m x 3m x 3m13m x 3m x 4m7m x 20m x 2m
Flight safety9/106/108/10
Ease of flying9/105/106/10
Visibility from the cabin9/108/104/10
Adaptability to services9/107/104/10
Ability to land anywhere8/109/104/10

*The data in the table are averaged and collected from the data available on the Internet. They may vary from place to place in the country.