Gyroplanes FAQ

What training do you need to do?

According to World and European regulations, in order to be able to fly an ultralight gyrocopter, you must have completed and completed training UAGP (Ultralight Auto Gyro Pilot).

How many seats can a gyrocopter have?

According to the regulations, an ultralight gyrocopter can have 2 seats and carry 2 people.

How often do you need to service the gyrocopter?

Service in the gyrocopter should be done once a year or every 100 H.

What is autorotation?

Autorotation. A fundamental difference between helicopters and gyroplanes is that in powered flight, a gyroplane rotor system operates in autorotation. In other words, the rotor spins freely as a result of air flowing up through the blades, rather than using engine power to turn the blades and draw air down from above.